Lost Dog

lostdogIf your dog has a microchip, report the dog lost immediately to the company servicing the microchip. Make lost dog flyers. Place them around the area the dog was last seen including your local grocery store and vet’s office. Also post one at your local County Shelter as someone might recognize your dog on intake. Visit the shelter daily and ask to be taken to the sick areas and the “west wing”. Your dog may not ever make it to the main adoption floor. Look for your pet on or The shelters also list all the animals on these websites. Also place a lost dog ad on Lastly, post a photo of your dog on different Rescue Group’s facebook pages.



Found Dog

founddogTake the dog to the nearest local vet’s office. They will scan the dog for a microchip FOR FREE. Make a found dog flyer. Place them around the area the dog was found including your local grocery store and vet’s office. Also post one at your local shelter as someone might be looking for their pet at the shelter. Place a found dog on ad on and Email us at with a photo and description of the found dog and we will post them on our Community Bulletin Board on our Facebook page.




Surrendering your Pet

Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue is a foster based Rescue. This means we do not have a facility or shelter where we house our dogs. We need foster homes for an animal before we agree to take it in. If you are looking to surrender your dog and we are unable to assist you right away, please consider the following:

Isurrenderingyourpetf you are thinking about surrendering your dog to the shelter you MUST know the following:

Your dog will be taken into a very stressful environment. The shelter does not have the facility to contain it’s sick and diseased dogs separate from healthy dogs. During it’s short stay there it will probably get sick. Owner surrendered animals only have a 24 hour hold. This means that after 24 hours your once family pet is eligible to be euthanized. This is a reality. It is estimated that 50-100 pets are put to sleep everyday at Miami Dade Animal Services.



Marketing your dog for adoption is a free classified add site. Find the Craigslist for your area and post an add. Don not try to make money off your dog, the most important thing is to find him/her a good home. Please do a home check on whomever you are adopting your dog to.

Facebook is an enormous marketing tool. Upload photos with a complete description of your pet include, age, breed, sex, shot records, personality traits, and whether or not a dog is cat/dog friendly. Tag friends that could potentially help in the photo. All of their friends will see the photo as well. Remember to include your contact information.